Look how many addresses I can generate per second.
Do you afraid that I can guess your private key?
Don't. See why:

Total number of Instagram photos:

Total number of tweets:

Total number of stars in our galaxy:

Total number of WhatsApp messages:

Total number of ants:
1 x 10^16

Total number of Rubik's cube combinations (3x3):
4.3 x 10^19

Total number of bits (generally created by mankind):
8 x 10^20

(80 million of those are from this page)

Total number of grains of sand on earth:
1 x 10^21

Total number of... you, but in atoms:
7 x 10^27

Total atoms on earth:
1.3 x 10^50

Total mass of the Observable Universe (in grams):
6 x 10^55

Total combinations of a 52 cards deck:
8.1 x 10^67

Total private keys that can exist:
115 x 10^75

Be cooler next time you think such thing can happen.